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Prudential Financial, Inc. is an American Fortune Global 500 and Fortune 500 company whose subsidiaries provide insurance, investment management, and other financial products and services to both retail and institutional customers throughout the United States and in over 40 other countries.


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Current Employee - Data Analyst says

"A terrible company culture, based upon having the correct connections in order to advance and receive opportunities. No independent or impartial avenues exist within the company when dealing with issues of concern in terms of management or supervision. There is simply no job security. Many team leads share the same qualities - ignorance, lack of interest. Everything involves a meeting, thus requiring more unpaid overtime to get through everything you couldn't throughout the day due to pointless meetings. Far too many people fulfilling cheap and unskilled jobs throughout the company, many departments are a glorified civil service. Salary is below reasonable expectations."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"We regret that your time at Pramerica was not what you expected. We are interested in learning more as to what led you to have this opinion of Pramerica. Please contact us on:"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Seriously below average salaries. McDonald staff get paid almost double than an IT specialist does. High staff turnover. No account ability for shoddy management. Yearly reviews are supposed to be based on achieved targets, but are discarded if team lead or manager haven't a clue what your role is. Middle management are demi gods and bulling and manipulation is the norm. Industry standards with regards to remote working does not happen,as in you will not be subsidized for personal broadband if you have to work from home. Yearly bonuses are the bare minimum & options to covert it into Prudential shares are a nightmare to navigate."

Former Employee - Software Tester says

"Unfortunately there is a bullying culture within the organisation, if you have any problems then your on your own."

Current Employee - ETL Developer says

"Low salary Bad management Politics Too much politics"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"There is no real quality work in Pramerica. If you are not really worried about your career, it may be great place for you. The middle management is a joke. Most of them doesn't have any clue on latest trends in technology or business. The "toughest" task they do is approving leave request or time sheets. Most of the experienced, quality resources leave the company quickly as they can't stand against this clueless bunch of managers. That's is why Pramerica always has lots of vacancies. Most of the time they end up with college graduates as they can't find anyone experienced with the pathetic salary they offer."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The only place to work in Software development in Donegal. This is the only reason for staying. Thankfully I moved after only wasting six years of my career here on very low pay. Since I moved south and aboard my pay skyrocketed. Money isn’t everything, the social life is fantastic and rents are low but it has a big impact on your decisions. Leaving this company was an excellent move for me."

Former Employee - Data Analyst says

"Worked for 3+ years in this company. - Managers and Team Leads engage in Politics. - Minimal Growth. - Extremely Low Salary."

Current Employee - Project Coordinator says

"Too much micro-managing of employees and too many VP's and Directors. Everyone with service has a title."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Many teams have managers who have no clue what they're doing. Office politics is rampant, with some managers "taking a huff" with employees. The only way to get ahead is to be loud and involve yourself in as many projects as possible, leaving others to do your actual job. Pay is low, morale is low and it can be a real struggle to stay motivated."

City Head-Pioneer Connect (Former Employee) says

"I worked in Pramerica but the management was not good. I suggest not to join that worst company where there is no work management and no time management. Superior Employee of this company is not well behaved and they are very unprofessional always uses abusive language. I heared they selected terminated candidate."

commerciale vendite (Former Employee) says

"finiti i contatti personali finito il lavoro. pochi clienti della compagniaprovvigionino clienti"

Stage formativo (Former Employee) says

"Ero stato ingaggiato per un particolare stage formativo presso l'azienda , ma pochi giorno dopo aver passato il test finale , ho dovuto lasciar perdere la mia nuova carriera"

Impiegato tecnico (Current Employee) says

"Buon ambiente lavorativo. Management poco qualificato Scarsa opportunità di crescita dopo il 6° livello.Buon rapporto con i colleghiManagement inadeguato a uno sviluppo.e crescita"

life planner (Former Employee) says

"La formazione in Pramerica e tutto cio' che ho imparato rimane un bagaglio preziosissimo che custodisco caramente. I colleghi con cui ho lavorato mi hanno lasciato molte cose belle e come in una stupenda famiglia dove si piange ma si ride anche insieme, anche una nuova maturità nell'osservare le cose. Purtroppo con le nuove politiche aziendali non c'è stata più coincidenza tra le aspettative, anche economiche e di crescita professionale, e quella che è divenuta la realtà dei fatti. Resta in me un sentito ringraziamento per tutto cio' che ho avuto di bello e per cio' che, malgrado tutto, ha rappresentato un momento di crescita."

Consulente assicurativo (Former Employee) says

"ambiente fortemente competitivo, modeste possibilità crescita"

Consulente assicurativo ramo vita (Current Employee) says

"E' un tipico lavoro indipendente, perciò non ha obblighi di orario o di presenza in ufficio, che serve fondamentalmente per contattare telefonicamente i potenziali clienti e gestire così l'agenda degli appuntamenti settimanali.Libertà di orarioNessun rimborso spese o salario minimo"

Life Planner (Current Employee) says

"Visite su appuntamenti Riservatezza Efficienza Competenti Fissare gli appuntamenti GuadagnoLa FormazioneNessun buono pasto"

Sales Area Manager (Former Employee) says

"E' un azienda che investiva molto sulla formazione, realtà organizzata e strutturata, moderna e intrigante. Purtroppo progetto sviluppo non realizzabile. Il primo approccio e sorprendente poi escono le magagne e infine capisci che è un sistema.Formazione e strumentiAltissima rotazione personale"

life planner (Former Employee) says

"dalla mattina alla sera con app.ti con clienti sia in agenzia che fuori sede esperienza formativa ed ottima palestra per sviluppare capacità commerciali e consulenziali difficoltà principale trovare clienti con la concorrenza presente sul mercato e il mercato asfittico degli ultimi tempi piacevole il lavoro di team ed il rapporto con superiori e colleghinon staticità del lavoronessun giorno di riposo, sempre sul pezzo"

Sub agente iscritto al R.U.I (Current Employee) says

"Alcune lacune manageriali; ambiente frizzante, grande coesione di gruppo. Formazione continua sulla materia assicurativa eccellente, sviluppo di una spiccata capacità commerciale"

Ian says

"I had my golfing trip cancelled by YGT in May for 11 people, 11 people paid on their own cards but YGT will only talk to me about returning money back to them, my refund has been promised on several occasions but never arrives, VERY POOR SERVICE !! be very careful, i will never use this company again !!"

Anne MacLachlan says

"Having booked a group of 12 persons with YGT back in November 2019 and fully paid up in January, our holiday was obviously Cancelled in April due to the Covid situation. However we are still awaiting our refund 17 weeks later, I had an email from them in July, stating we would be paid our refund by no later than the 4th September, attached at the bottom, guess what, I’ve had communication today, that it’s not happening and they won’t tell me when I will receive our money. Excuse after excuse and nobody with any authority will speak with you. My advice is don’t go anywhere near this company and use Golf Breaks instead. Copy Email Ref :299381 ​ Thank you for your email and my apologies for the delay in replying to you. We're so sorry that you were not able to travel to Portugal on the 29th April because of the global pandemic. We completely understand that for those customers that would prefer a refund to rescheduling, they may feel frustrated and concerned by the amount of time this may take and the complexities around that. In normal circumstances, a refund would be paid within a maximum of 14 days. In our 15 years of business, Your Golf Travel has always adhered to these parameters under normal circumstances, however, these are not normal circumstances and it is a challenge for us to adhere to due to the Coronavirus and an inability for us to retain prepayments made to our suppliers for all holidays. Our teams are working on a high volume of disruptive bookings at this time and all refunds are being processed as quickly as possible, but given all staff are working remotely and additional checks are having to be made this is taking longer than normal. We have already acknowledged your request for a cash refund and shared with you the estimated time for your refund. However every effort is being made to refund you by the 4th of September at latest ​ Kind regards, Your Golf Customer | PH 020 7157 1555 Cloister Court, 22-26 Farringdon Lane, London EC1R 3AJ"

Anna Addison says

"Very disappointed with the response from YGT to the cancellation of our group holiday in March 2020. Despite all the attempts by our group leader to secure a return of our monies this has still not happened. We have been promised in writing and verbally in July that there would be a partial refund. This has not happened. We are also requesting the costs of the flights. The company claim that Ryan Air have not paid them. We are not sure why this is the case but even so we have our contract with YGT. We believe that the Government and ABTA have made it clear that all customers should be refunded. Please do not use YGT if you are looking for a reliable company . We won’t be using them again"

Andrew Dare says

"Very poor wont be doing anything with them again do my own booking now"

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